Southwest Fisheries Science Center

The Southwest Fisheries Science Center (SWFSC) is a world-class research organization that conducts integrated, multidisciplinary research programs in biology, mathematics, oceanography, and economics for the purpose of developing scientific technology and information to support the management and allocation of Pacific coastal and high-seas fishery resources.

Center programs support efforts directed toward

  • the reduction of protected species interactions,
  • fishery-related porpoise mortality, and
  • a better understanding of the biological and environmental factors affecting the marine resources exploited by U.S. commercial and recreational fisheries.

The Center also supports the scientific, statistical, and economic needs of the NOAA Fisheries Southwest Regional Office, thePacific Fishery Management Council, and international commissions for large pelagic fishes and Antarctic resources. The SWFSC headquarters are located in La Jolla, CA, and research is conducted at laboratories in La Jolla, Santa Cruz, and Pacific Grove, CA.Research from the SWFSC is conducted aboard the NOAA Ships David Starr Jordan and McArthur II, in addition to chartered fishing and research vessels. The SWFSC maintains an active communications network with commercial and recreational fishers, leaders of environmental groups, participants of fishery management councils, state and Federal research agency staff, and outside scientists in the U.S. and foreign countries.