Data Resources

NOAA and partners have several data resources on fisheries, protected species, and their habitats which students may find useful. This page contains links to some of these resources.

Commercial Fisheries StatisticsContains information on commercial landings monthly, annually, by species, and gear type.
Recreational Fisheries StatisticsSearchable database on recreational saltwater fishing catch, effort, and participation data and statistics.
Climate and FisheriesIncludes tools to assess the vulnerability of fish stocks in a changing climate and to explore changes in marine species distributions.
Fishery EconomicsIncludes economic information related to commercial and recreational fishing activities and fishing-related industries in the United States.
Species Information SystemContains information on the status of managed stocks, stock assessment results, and associated information.
Fishery-Independent Survey System (FINSS)Characterizes NOAA Fisheries ocean observation activities and data collection during fishery independent surveys.
Voices from the FisheriesContains oral histories recorded from fishermen.
Social Indicators Mapping ToolCharacterize well-being and level of dependence on commercial and recreational fishing for nearly 4,000 communities.
Essential Fish Habitat MapperInteractive platform for viewing a spatial representation of Essential Fish Habitat (those habitats that NOAA Fisheries and the fishery management Councils have identified and described as necessary to fish for spawning, breeding, feeding, or growth to maturity.
Habitat Restoration AtlasTracks NOAA and partner restoration projects in your state; Search by habitat type, location, congressional district, and other variables.
Integrated Ecosystem Assessments (IEA)Provides information on NOAA's Integrated Ecosystem Assessment Program and data products.