NOAA Fisheries' Office of Science and Technology hosts National Protected Species Toolbox Mini-Symposium

Scientists from NOAA Fisheries' Science Centers gathered at the NOAA Science Center in Silver Spring on November 18, 2015, to present some of the tools and applications they have been working on between 2013 and 2015. These emerging tools were developed as part of a national protected species toolbox initiative supported by Dr. Richard Merrick (NOAA Fisheries’ Chief Scientist) and spearheaded by the Office of Science and Technology, to produce quantitative analytical tools to improve protected species assessments and better analyze impacts from human activities. The mini-symposium served as an opportunity to strengthen scientific connections and collaboration between NOAA Fisheries science centers and internal and external partners. Over 70 external and NOAA participants attended the symposium via webinar and in person.


Presentation List

  1. Spatial prediction of fisheries bycatch — Brian Stock, Eric Ward and Tomo Eguchi (SWFSC/NWFSC) (Presentation )

  2. An integrative model of sea turtle growth based on recoveries and mark-recapture data —Brandon Chasco, Eric Ward and Tomo Eguchi (SWFSC/NWFSC) (Presentation )

  3. Quantitative tools to assess the impact of anthropogenic activity on sea turtle populations— Melissa Warden and Heather Haas (NEFSC) (Presentation )

  4. Advancing development of a limit reference point estimator for sea turtles, and of a local management approach for highly migratory species — Alex Curtis and Jeff Moore (SWFSC) (Presentation )

  5. A spatial risk assessment tool that connects oceanographic and demographic information to predict distribution and abundance for protected species — Paul Richards and Nathan Putnam (SEFSC) (Presentation )

  6. Crawl: An R package for modeling animal movement from satellite telemetry data — Devin Johnson (AFSC) (Presentation )

  7. Developing and deploying web-based tools to visualize marine animal movement data and explore abundance and trend of pinniped populations — Josh London (AFSC) (Presentation )

  8. Developing ocean ecosystem indicators for marine turtle juvenile recruitment — Kyle Van Houtan (PIFSC) (Presentation )

  9. Deploying protected species tools via cloud computing — Eli Holmes (NWFSC) (Presentation )