Protected Resources Databases

The Protected Species Science Branch (PSSB) manages two principal internal databases: Protected Species Incidental Take (PSIT) and the Protected Species Information System (PSIS). Additionally, recipients of Marine Turtle Assessment and Acoustics awards are required to submit metadata to InPort, a publicly-searchable database.

The PSIT database provides real-time tracking of incidentally caught protected species in NMFS fisheries research surveys (both directed and funded by NMFS). The database allows us to monitor historic and current incidental  catch levels and assess the effectiveness of various mitigation measures, and areas of improvement to reduce interactions with protected species. This database is currently not available to the public.

The PSSB is currently working with the NOAA Fisheries Office of Protected Resources and the Office of Science and Technology’s Science Information Division to develop a protected species module of the Species Information System. The Protected Species Information System (PSIS) is a centralized repository for protected species population information to support assessment and trend status determination. PSIS provides:

  • Ready and easy access on NMFS stocks/species/population information to scientists and managers (e.g., How many stocks there are? What do we know about species X in region Y?)
  • Access to summary data used to support adequacy of assessments and trend status determinations, as well as other management or scientific analyses
  • A nationally summarized assessment report for sea turtles, corals, salmon and other fish species lacking a formal stock assessment report

PSIS currently contains protected species stock information that is useful for tracking and reporting. This includes:

  • GPRA Tiers (adequately assessed stocks/populations) and Trends (increasing/decreasing/stable/unknown populations)
  • Total number of stocks/species/populations managed by NMFS
  • MMPA and ESA status of stocks/species/populations (e.g., strategic, depleted, threatened, endangered)
  • Stock/DPS changes on an annual basis (e.g., stock merge/split, stock complexes)
  • Summary marine mammal stock assessment data (2010-2016)
  • Document Repository (SARS 2010-2016)

The first phase of the module has been completed and is used regularly to monitor and track performance of protected species stocks and populations within NMFS jurisdiction. A secondary module, containing summary information on managed protected species stocks and populations has undergone beta testing, a new and enhanced 'Data Module' will be released shortly for internal use. The database has been developed for internal tracking but eventually, summary information used in determination of management and scientific status will be released via a public portal.

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