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About this Search

Background: The Prescott Stranding Grant Program is conducted by the Secretary of Commerce to provide grants or cooperative agreements for eligible stranding network participants for (1) recovery or treatment of marine mammals, (2) collection of data from living or dead stranded marine mammals for scientific research regarding marine mammal health and (3) for facilities operations costs that are directly related to these purposes. The Prescott Stranding Grant Program is administered through the NMFS Marine Mammal Health and Stranding Response Program.

The purpose of this website is to allow the NMFS Regional Coordinators to search for Prescott Grant proposals that were submitted for the 2001/2002 Prescott Stranding Grant Program. These documents were scanned and converted into an electronic format. They are available for download from the Office of Protected Resources Intranet website. Each document exists as a paper document that is located at NMFS Headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland. This page provides a central location for searching and retrieving all grant proposals when entering a specific keyword from the proposal's application. When revisions are made to the proposal, they are updated in an electronic format and stored on the database.

File Formats: T he publications have been saved in one file format: PDF . All proposals saved in this file format contains the application, budget information and project description. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the proposals in the PDF file format. The Reader as well as accessibility tools for PDF documents are available from the Adobe Website at no cost.

What is available now: There were 91 applications and project proposals submitted for the 2001/2002 Prescott Grant Program that are currently residing in the database. From this total, 69 proposals were awarded.

Two different types of searches: The "Search Document Contents" searches are based on an indexing of the text contained in the document. Files are ranked based on a score algorithm. Since these proposals were saved as image PDF files, this option will not be available until the 2003 Prescott Grant Program. The second type of search, "Search Organization or Project Title, etc." does not use the score algorithm and groups together most of the fields related to the proposal's application and project description in a table which the system searches to retrieve the proposal and grant information.

How documents are added to this database: The original and revised pages of each proposal is stored in the database that resides in the Office of Science and Technology. NMFS Office of Protected Resources will post new information, such as, awarded 2001/2002 Prescot Grant Proposal; the 2003 Prescott Grant Program FR Notice; and application forms on their Internet site: . For questions about the information on this page, you can contact Angela Collins Payne at or the webmaster for S&T at

Points of Contact for Prescott Grant Proposals

For questions or comments about the Prescott Grant Proposals, contact the NMFS Office of Protected Resources or regional offices. See the list below for contact information. For questions or comments about this search page only, contact the webmaster at the Office of Science and Technology.

Additional resources: This database only contains information on 2001/2002 Prescott Grant Proposals as documents on the Intranet. Another research tool for information on the program that is not in this database is the NOAA/NMFS, Office of Protected Resources Internet Website at