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Spatiotemporal Data &
Time Series Toolkit
A simple tool for visualizing spatiotemporal trends and variability in the ocean.

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The Spatiotemporal Data & Time Series Toolkit, previously known as "The COPEPODITE Toolkit", is a combination of two COPEPOD sub-elements:   "NAUPLIUS" and "COPEPODITE".   For previous COPEPODITE Toolkit users, the immediate difference is an increase in the number of available auto-extract spatiotemporal data sets in "Step #1", and a note that continuation with "Step #2" (analysis and graphics creation) is optional.
Start the Toolkit

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  • In the first "NAUPLIUS" step, this Tool will request and apply user-specified geographic coordinates (e.g. for a point, transect, or box-area) to extract standard environmental time series that correspond to the user-specified area (e.g., 37+ years of satellite SST data, 20+ years of satellite chlorophyll data, etc.).  These data are extracted from NAUPLIUS collection of spatiotemporal satellite, product, and model data sources.

    "Step 1" will provide CSV data files for the generated spatiotemporal data (time series), as well as a simple "annual anomaly plots" to preview each of those data.  Toolkit users can stop here, or optionally continue with the next step.

  • In the second "COPEPODITE" step, the user can apply standard time series analyses and visualizations to the NAUPLIUS-extracted data.   The user can also upload their own time series data, using the standard format described below.  
If a user only extracts the spatiotemporal data, and stops, they are "a NAUPLIUS user".  If a user continues into the analysis and visualization tools, they are "a COPEPODITE user", possibly including NAUPLIUS-generated data in their analysis.

Are you ready to start?
The NAUPLIUS Spatiotemporal Data tools and COPEPODITE Time Series tools were developed in support of various ICES, SCOR, and IOC-UNESCO plankton time-series working groups.   This simple time-series analysis and visualization toolkit allows a user to create a variety of analytical plots and statistical results without having to install any software or learn any programming languages.

Documentation and Help for the "COPEPODITE" portion of the Toolkit