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COPEPOD:   The Global Plankton Database

COPEPOD:   The Global Plankton Database Project

COPEPOD:   A global Plankton Database

COPEPOD:   Plankton-related Data Products

COPEPOD:   An Interactive Atlas of plankton taxa.

COPEPODITE:   The Interactive Time-series Explorer

COPEPODITE:   A global Time Series Database

COPEPODITE:   An online Time Series Toolkit

COPEPODITE:   International Collaboration

NAUPLIUS:   Ecosystem data & products

NAUPLIUS:   Ecosystem data & products

NAUPLIUS:   Ecosystem data & products

COPEPOD:   The Global Plankton Database Project

The Coastal & Oceanic Plankton Ecology, Production & Observation Database (COPEPOD) is an online database of plankton abundance, biomass, and composition data compiled from a global assortment of cruises, projects, and institutional holdings.   COPEPOD's online zooplankton and phytoplankton data content ranges from long term ecosystem monitoring surveys to detailed process studies, each accessible via a variety of search options, and each detailed via standard visual and text-based content summaries.   COPEPOD also offers a variety of pre-generated data compilations and gridded mean field products at regional, basin, and global scales.

The sub-project COPEPODITE features a time series metabase and an interactive time series analysis tool.

The sub-project NAUPLIUS features an interactive spatial data explorer for a variety on continental U.S. and European regions.

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