Observer Training Manuals

List of the training resources that are available for observer trainers in other programs. For more information, contact the National Observer Program

List of Safety Training Materials and Resources
Northwest Fisheries Science Center
  • Offshore Pacific Whiting
  • Westcoast Groundfish Fishery
Northeast Fisheries Science Center
  • Northwest Atlantic Sustainable Fisheries
  • New England & Midlantic Gillnet
  • Atlantic Sea Scallop Dredge - Georges Bank
Southwest Region
  • CA/OR Drift Gillnet
  • California Longline
Southeast Fisheries Science Center
  • SEFSC Shark Gillnet
  • Southeastern Shrimp Otter Trawl
  • SEFSC Pelagic Longline

Alaska Fisheries Science Center

  • North Pacific Groundfish

Alaska Region

  • Marine Mammal

Pacific Islands Region

  • Hawaii Longline
  • American Samoa Longline

Highly Migratory Species Division, Office of Sustainable Fisheries

  • SE Shark Bottom Longline
  • SE Gillnet