Overview of NEMO

NEMO is an afterschool program for Washington, D.C.’s inner city public schools sponsored by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries Service.  The program aims to teach students about marine science and encourage them to participate in the National Ocean Sciences Bowl, a national academic competition for high school students. 
NEMO provides activities, field trips and resources for teachers and students. Teachers meet weekly with students.  The program culminates with student participation in a regional Ocean Sciences Bowl competition.

Program Highlights:

  • NEMO initiated Washington, D.C. Public School System participation in the National Ocean Sciences Bowl program in 2008.
  • Since NEMO began in 2007, 11 Washington, D.C. public school teams have participated in the National Ocean Sciences Bowl Program.
  • In 2011, a NEMO team placed third in a regional Ocean Sciences Bowl competition.
  • Examples of NEMO hands-on experiences with marine science for students include:
    • Research cruises on the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River
    • Squid dissections through the National Aquarium in Baltimore
    • Fish and invertebrate sampling in Maryland's coastal bays
    • Tours of the U.S. Naval Observatory, U.S. Naval Academy,
  • NEMO students have met leaders in oceanography including:
    • Dr. Don Walsh, co-pilot of the only manned mission to the deepest part of the Mariana Trench
    • Philippe Cousteau, grandson of Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau and co-founder and CEO of EarthEcho International
    • Rear Admiral David A Gove, former Oceanographer and Navigator of the Navy
    •  Greg Marshall, scientist, filmmaker, and inventor of National Geographic’s Crittercam

For more information about the NEMO program or our curriculum, contact: