This area is a work-in-progress product of the SCOR WG157 (MetaZooGene) working group.   The content below is still under development and will change periodically over the next two years (2020-2022).   General background information will eventually be added to this page, and there is also a page describing the MZGdb data format.   As, this database contains unpublished sequences, please only share this link only with people working on the review paper or MZGdb project.

A webpage summarizing MZGdb Methods and Known Issues is now available.

A special "thank you" to multiple people for providing feedback and error reports on these database files.
If you find a problem, please tell Todd so he can fix it.
Available Database Versions:   (in most cases you should use the newest)
  • MZGdb__2020-09sep-03   ( 154612 sequences, 10541 species-ID-tokens )

    • This update is now using the MZGdb v2.0 data format.

      The reduction in sequences and species is because of continued removal of non-marine / non-holoplankton species and groups.

    ------------------------- Older Versions -------------------------

  • MZGdb__2020-07jul-20   ( 151163 sequences, 10498 species-ID-tokens )

    • The reduction in sequences and species is because gastropoda (except heteropoda/pteropoda) and anthozoa-cnidaria have been removed.   This is still using the "MZGdb Version 1.1" format.

Click on the red link above to go to that database version.

NOTE:   A "species-ID-token" is a somewhat-unique identifer for each sequence observation.   It may be an actual species (e.g., Calanus finmarchicus) or a temporary species identifier (e.g., "Calanus sp. X1234 from cruise A88").