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Below is a listing of molecular-related references currently in the LITERATUREdb.

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Literature-DB:  L000085     [ no PDF available ]

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Literature-DB:  L000086     [ no PDF available ]

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Literature-DB:  L000087     [ no PDF available ]

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Literature-DB:  L000088     [ no PDF available ]

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Literature-DB:  L000089     [ no PDF available ]

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Literature-DB:  L000090     [ no PDF available ]

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OPEN ACCESS   [   PDF   |   via DOI-link  ]       Literature-DB:  L000375    

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OPEN ACCESS   [   PDF   |   via DOI-link  ]       Literature-DB:  L000385    

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Literature-DB:  L000092     [ no PDF available ]

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Literature-DB:  L000093     [ no PDF available ]

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Literature-DB:  L000094     [ no PDF available ]

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Literature-DB:  L000095     [ no PDF available ]

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OPEN ACCESS   [   PDF   |   via DOI-link  ]       Literature-DB:  L000394    

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Literature-DB:  L000096     [ no PDF available ]

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Literature-DB:  L000097     [ no PDF available ]

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Literature-DB:  L000099     [ no PDF available ]

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Literature-DB:  L000100     [ no PDF available ]

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Literature-DB:  L000101     [ no PDF available ]

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OPEN ACCESS   [   PDF   |   via DOI-link  ]       Literature-DB:  L000386    

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Literature-DB:  L000102     [ no PDF available ]

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Literature-DB:  L000103     [ no PDF available ]

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Literature-DB:  L000104    

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OPEN ACCESS   [   PDF   |   via DOI-link  ]       Literature-DB:  L000393    

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OPEN ACCESS   [   PDF   |   via DOI-link  ]       Literature-DB:  L000388    

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Literature-DB:  L000091     [ no PDF available ]

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Journal controls Access (goto DOI-link)       Literature-DB:  L000105    

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Literature-DB:  L000106     [ no PDF available ]

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Literature-DB:  L000107     [ no PDF available ]

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Literature-DB:  L000108     [ no PDF available ]

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OPEN ACCESS   [   PDF   |   via DOI-link  ]       Literature-DB:  L000406    

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Literature-DB:  L000110     [ no PDF available ]

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Literature-DB:  L000111     [ no PDF available ]

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Journal controls Access (goto DOI-link)       Literature-DB:  L000409    

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Literature-DB:  L000125     [ no PDF available ]

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OPEN ACCESS   [   PDF   |   via DOI-link  ]       Literature-DB:  L000390    

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Literature-DB:  L000112     [ no PDF available ]

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Literature-DB:  L000121     [ no PDF available ]

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Journal controls Access (goto DOI-link)       Literature-DB:  L000408    

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Literature-DB:  L000122     [ no PDF available ]

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OPEN ACCESS   [   PDF   |   via DOI-link  ]       Literature-DB:  L000436    

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OPEN ACCESS   [   PDF   |   via DOI-link  ]       Literature-DB:  L000429    

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Literature-DB:  L000124     [ no PDF available ]