Hay, Steve J.   (S.J.)     auth-0373

Below are author-associated papers currently in the Literature-DB (sorted by most recent first).

Wiebe, P.H., Harris, R., Gislason, A., Margonski, P., Skjoldal, H.R., Benfield, M.C., Hay, S.J., O'Brien, T.D., Valdes, L.   2016.   The ICES Working Group on Zooplankton Ecology: Accomplishments of the first 25 years.   Progress in Oceanography   141(2016) 179-201.         L000354

Hay, S.J., Kiorboe, T., Matthews, A.   1991.   Zooplankton biomass and production in the North Sea during the Autumn Circulation Experiment, October 1987- March, 1988.   Continental Shelf Research   11: 1453-1476.         L000023

Hay, S.J., Evans, G.T., Gamble, J.C.   1988.   Birth, growth and death rates for enclosed populations of calanoid copepods.   Journal of Plankton Research   10: 431-454.         L000022