Copley, Nancy J.   (N.J.)     auth-0331

Below are author-associated papers currently in the Literature-DB (sorted by most recent first).

Bucklin, A., Batta-Lona, P., Questel, J.M., Wiebe, P.H., Richardson, D.E., Copley, N.J., O'Brien, T.D.   2022.   COI Metabarcoding of Zooplankton Species Diversity for Time-Series Monitoring of the NW Atlantic Continental Shelf.   Frontiers in Marine Science - Marine Ecosystem Ecology   . (OPEN-ACCESS)       L000498

Bucklin, A., Yeh, H.D., Questel, J.M., Richardson, D.E., Reese, B., Copley, N.J., Wiebe, P.H.   2019.   Time-series metabarcoding analysis of zooplankton diversity of the NW Atlantic continental shelf.   ICES Journal of Marine Science   76: 1162-1176.       L000452

Blanco-Bercial, L., Cornils, A., Copley, N.J., Bucklin, A.   2014.   DNA barcoding of marine copepods: Assessent of analytical approaches to species identification.   PLOS Currents Tree of Life   (2014 Jun 23) Edition 1. (OPEN-ACCESS)       L000387

Bucklin, A., Ortman, B.D., Jennings, R.M., Nigro, L.M., Sweetman, C.J., Copley, N.J., Sutton, T., Wiebe, P.H.   2010.   A Rosetta Stone for metazoan zooplankton: DNA barcode analysis of species diversity in the Sargasso Sea (Northwest Atlantic Ocean).   Deep Sea Research II   57:2234-2247.         L000090

Bucklin, A., Frost, B.W., Bradford-Grieve, J., Allen, P.J., Copley, N.J.   2003.   Molecular systematic and phylogenetic assessment of 34 calanoid copepod species of the Calanidae and Clausocalanidae.   Marine Biology   142: 333-343.         L000088