Blanco-Bercial, Leocadio   (L.)     auth-0306

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Bucklin, A., Questel, J.M., Blanco-Bercial, L., Frenzel, A., Smolenack, S.B., Wiebe, P.H.   2021.   Population connectivity of the euphausiid, Stylocheiron elongatum, in the Gulf Stream (NW Atlantic Ocean) in relation to COI barcode diversity of Stylocheiron species.   ICES JMS   0:1-13.       L000487

Bucklin, A., Peijnenburg, K.T.C.A., Kosobokova, K., O'Brien, T.D., Blanco-Bercial, L., Cornils, A., Falkenhaug, T., Hopcroft, R.R., Hosia, A., Laakmann, S., Li, C., Martell, L., Questel, J.M., Wall-Palmer, D., Wang, M., Wiebe, P.H., Weydmann, A.   2021.   Toward a global reference database of COI barcodes for marine zooplankton.   Mar Biol   168, 78. (OPEN-ACCESS)       L000471

Laakmann, S., Blanco-Bercial, L., Cornils, A.   2020.   The crossover from microscopy to genes in marine diversity - from species to assemblages in marine pelagic copepods.   Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B   375: 20190446. (OPEN-ACCESS)       L000450

DeHart, H.M., Blanco-Bercial, L., Passacantando, M., Questel, J.M., Bucklin, A.   2020.   Pathways of Pelagic Connectivity: Eukrohnia hamata (Chaetognatha) in the Arctic Ocean.   Frontiers in Marine Science   7(396):1-16. (OPEN-ACCESS)       L000455

Blanco-Bercial, L.   2020.   Metabarcoding analyses and seasonality of the zooplankton community at BATS.   Front. Mar. sci   24 March 2020. (OPEN-ACCESS)       L000451

Questel, J.M., Blanco-Bercial, L., Hopcroft, R.R.   2016.   Phylogeography and connectivity of the Pseudocalanus (Copepoda: Calanoida) species complex in the eastern North Pacific and the Pacific Arctic Region.   J. Plankton Res   38(3): 610-623.         L000481

Blanco-Bercial, L., Cornils, A., Copley, N.J., Bucklin, A.   2014.   DNA barcoding of marine copepods: Assessent of analytical approaches to species identification.   PLOS Currents Tree of Life   (2014 Jun 23) Edition 1. (OPEN-ACCESS)       L000387

Cepeda, G.D., Blanco-Bercial, L., Bucklin, A., Beron, C.M., Vinas, M.D.   2012.   Molecular systematic of three species of Oithona (Copepoda, Cyclopoida) from the Atlantic Ocean: Comparative analysis using 28S rDNA.   Plos ONE   7(4): e35861. (OPEN-ACCESS)       L000385

Blanco-Bercial, L., Alvarez-Marques, F.   2007.   RFLP procedure to discriminate betwee Clausocalanus Giesbrecht, 1888 (Copepoda, Calanoida) species in the Central Cantabrian Sea.   Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology   344: 73-77.         L000085