This page contains a private login option for working group members of IGMETS, WGZE, WGPME, WGIMT, and TrendsPO.   Access is granted to working group members only.

If you are a working group member with access to these PDFs, they should only be used for working group -related work, ideally only viewed via this browser interface, and these PDFs should not be downloaded, copied, or distributed.

In cases where a PDF is public-access or freely available (i.e., it can be distribution without restrictions), a link will be provided to its original publishing entity's web site in the public version of web pages.   (In those cases, you will not need to login in for these cases.)


The email you submit above will be verified against the group membership database.   If the submitted email is in the group-access database, a link will be emailed to that same email address.   The link in that email will give you access to the (unlocked) database.   The email containing this link should arrive within a few minutes.   If the email you submitted is not in the group-access database, or mistyped, no email will be sent.   The email verification does not care about capitalization (e.g. "MYEMAIL" = "myemail" = "MyEmAiL").

Inquiries about group membership or access should be sent to Todd.