Molecular/Barcoding Data

This page is an in-development cooperative work with SCOR WG157 (MetaZooGene,   The "MZG" plots and information tables below summarize known observations of this taxa (Coelorinchus) and locations associated with GenBank barcodes for this taxa or taxa group (red stars).   Additional information on this taxa is available at

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In the map above, light blue circles indicate where this taxa has been observed in COPEPOD or OBIS.
Red stars indicate locations where genus-level or species-level barcoding samples exist in GenBank or BOLD.

The table below shows the values plotted in the bargraph above.   Ocean columns indicate taxa has been observed in that ocean.

Sibling-taxa of this
# of Species
Observed in
# of Species
barcoded in
# of these
with GeoLocation
Coelorinchus acanthiger100
Coelorinchus acantholepis100
Coelorinchus aconcagua100
Coelorinchus acutirostris100
Coelorinchus amydrozosterus100
Coelorinchus anatirostris110
Coelorinchus aratrum100
Coelorinchus argentatus100
Coelorinchus argus100
Coelorinchus aspercephalus111
Coelorinchus asteroides110
Coelorinchus australis100
Coelorinchus biclinozonalis111
Coelorinchus bollonsi110
Coelorinchus braueri111
Coelorinchus brevirostris110
Coelorinchus caelorhincus111
Coelorinchus campbellicus100
Coelorinchus canus111
Coelorinchus caribbaeus100
Coelorinchus carinifer100
Coelorinchus carminatus100
Coelorinchus caudani100
Coelorinchus celaenostomus111
Coelorinchus charius100
Coelorinchus chilensis100
Coelorinchus cingulatus110
Coelorinchus commutabilis100
Coelorinchus cookianus100
Coelorinchus cylindricus100
Coelorinchus denticulatus111
Coelorinchus divergens110
Coelorinchus dorsalis100
Coelorinchus doryssus100
Coelorinchus fasciatus111
Coelorinchus flabellispinnis111
Coelorinchus formosanus110
Coelorinchus geronimo100
Coelorinchus gilberti110
Coelorinchus gladius100
Coelorinchus goobala100
Coelorinchus gormani100
Coelorinchus hexafasciatus100
Coelorinchus horribilis100
Coelorinchus hubbsi110
Coelorinchus immaculatus100
Coelorinchus infuscus100
Coelorinchus innotabilis100
Coelorinchus japonicus110
Coelorinchus jordani100
Coelorinchus kaiyomaru111
Coelorinchus kamoharai110
Coelorinchus karrerae100
Coelorinchus kermadecus100
Coelorinchus kishinouyei110
Coelorinchus labiatus110
Coelorinchus lasti100
Coelorinchus leptorhinus110
Coelorinchus longissimus110
Coelorinchus macrochir110
Coelorinchus macrolepis100
Coelorinchus macrorhynchus100
Coelorinchus maculatus100
Coelorinchus marinii111
Coelorinchus matamua111
Coelorinchus maurofasciatus100
Coelorinchus mediterraneus100
Coelorinchus melanobranchus100
Coelorinchus melanosagmatus100
Coelorinchus mirus100
Coelorinchus multifasciatus100
Coelorinchus multispinulosus110
Coelorinchus mycterismus111
Coelorinchus mystax111
Coelorinchus nazcaensis100
Coelorinchus notatus100
Coelorinchus occa100
Coelorinchus oliverianus111
Coelorinchus parallelus110
Coelorinchus pardus100
Coelorinchus parvifasciatus111
Coelorinchus platorhynchus100
Coelorinchus polli100
Coelorinchus productus100
Coelorinchus quadricristatus100
Coelorinchus quincunciatus100
Coelorinchus radcliffei100
Coelorinchus scaphopsis110
Coelorinchus semaphoreus100
Coelorinchus sereti100
Coelorinchus sexradiatus100
Coelorinchus shcherbachevi100
Coelorinchus sheni100
Coelorinchus simorhynchus111
Coelorinchus smithi100
Coelorinchus spathulatus100
Coelorinchus spilonotus100
Coelorinchus spinifer100
Coelorinchus supernasutus100
Coelorinchus thompsoni100
Coelorinchus tokiensis100
Coelorinchus trachycarus111
Coelorinchus triocellatus100
Coelorinchus trunovi111
Coelorinchus velifer100
Coelorinchus ventrilux100
Coelorinchus vityazae100
Coelorinchus weberi100

Last Updated:   2020-Nov-05