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NOTE:   Biometric data are available for this exact taxa (Brattstromia) would be above.
Below are biometric data for siblings of this taxa.

Sibling BIOMETRICS:   Below are biometric data from any taxonomic-siblings of the current taxa.

Sibling Taxonomic Entity Individual Size Information Reference Compilation
T4033649 : Brattstromia longicaudata female TL:   1.11 - 1.17 mm (avg 1.140 mm) Brun_P et-al 2016 (L000128) (L000128)
T4033649 : Brattstromia longicaudata male TL:   1.01 - 1.11 mm (avg 1.060 mm) Brun_P et-al 2016 (L000128) (L000128)

Last Updated:   2020-Nov-13