Molecular/Barcoding Data

This page is an in-development cooperative work with SCOR WG157 (MetaZooGene,   The "MZG" plots and information tables below summarize known observations of this taxa (Haploniscus) and locations associated with GenBank barcodes for this taxa or taxa group (red stars).   Additional information on this taxa is available at

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In the map above, light blue circles indicate where this taxa has been observed in COPEPOD or OBIS.
Red stars indicate locations where genus-level or species-level barcoding samples exist in GenBank or BOLD.

The table below shows the values plotted in the bargraph above.   Ocean columns indicate taxa has been observed in that ocean.

Sibling-taxa of this
# of Species
Observed in
# of Species
barcoded in
# of these
with GeoLocation
Haploniscus acutirostris100
Haploniscus acutus100
Haploniscus aduncus100
Haploniscus ampliatus100
Haploniscus angolensis100
Haploniscus angustus100
Haploniscus antarcticus100
Haploniscus belyaevi100
Haploniscus bicuspis111
Haploniscus bihastatus100
Haploniscus bruuni100
Haploniscus capensis100
Haploniscus cassilatus100
Haploniscus charcoti100
Haploniscus cucullus100
Haploniscus curvirostris100
Haploniscus excisus100
Haploniscus foresti100
Haploniscus furcatus100
Haploniscus gernekei100
Haploniscus gnanamuthi100
Haploniscus hamatus100
Haploniscus harrietae100
Haploniscus helgei100
Haploniscus hydroniscoides100
Haploniscus inermis100
Haploniscus ingolfi100
Haploniscus intermedius100
Haploniscus kensleyi100
Haploniscus kermadecensis100
Haploniscus kyrbasia100
Haploniscus laticephalus100
Haploniscus machairis100
Haploniscus menziesi100
Haploniscus miccus100
Haploniscus microkorys100
Haploniscus minutus100
Haploniscus monoceros100
Haploniscus monodi100
Haploniscus myriamae100
Haploniscus nondescriptus100
Haploniscus nudifrons100
Haploniscus obtusifrons100
Haploniscus oviformis100
Haploniscus percavix100
Haploniscus piestus100
Haploniscus polaris100
Haploniscus procerus100
Haploniscus profundicolus100
Haploniscus pygmaeus100
Haploniscus robinsoni100
Haploniscus rostratus111
Haploniscus rugosus100
Haploniscus saphos100
Haploniscus silus100
Haploniscus similis100
Haploniscus spatulifrons100
Haploniscus spinifer100
Haploniscus tangaroae100
Haploniscus telus100
Haploniscus tricornis100
Haploniscus tricornoides100
Haploniscus tridens100
Haploniscus tropicalis100
Haploniscus tuberculatus100
Haploniscus ultraabyssalis100
Haploniscus unicornis100
Haploniscus weddellensis100

Last Updated:   2020-Nov-07