Molecular/Barcoding Data

This page is an in-development cooperative work with SCOR WG157 (MetaZooGene,   The "MZG" plots and information tables below summarize known observations of this taxa (Ascidia) and locations associated with GenBank barcodes for this taxa or taxa group (red stars).   Additional information on this taxa is available at

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In the map above, light blue circles indicate where this taxa has been observed in COPEPOD or OBIS.
Red stars indicate locations where genus-level or species-level barcoding samples exist in GenBank or BOLD.

The table below shows the values plotted in the bargraph above.   Ocean columns indicate taxa has been observed in that ocean.

Sibling-taxa of this
# of Species
Observed in
# of Species
barcoded in
# of these
with GeoLocation
Ascidia ahodori110
Ascidia alisea100
Ascidia alterna100
Ascidia archaia100
Ascidia bathybia100
Ascidia callosa111
Ascidia celtica100
Ascidia ceratodes100
Ascidia challengeri100
Ascidia clementea100
Ascidia colleta100
Ascidia columbiana111
Ascidia conchilega110
Ascidia conifera100
Ascidia correi100
Ascidia curvata100
Ascidia depressiuscula100
Ascidia empheres100
Ascidia escabanae100
Ascidia fusca100
Ascidia gemmata111
Ascidia glabra100
Ascidia iberica100
Ascidia interrupta110
Ascidia involuta100
Ascidia liberata100
Ascidia macropapilla100
Ascidia melanostoma100
Ascidia mentula110
Ascidia meridionalis111
Ascidia munda100
Ascidia muricata100
Ascidia obliqua100
Ascidia ornata100
Ascidia papillosa100
Ascidia paratropa111
Ascidia prunum100
Ascidia retrosipho100
Ascidia salvatoris100
Ascidia scaevola100
Ascidia stewartensis100
Ascidia sulca100
Ascidia sydneiensis111
Ascidia tapuni100
Ascidia translucida100
Ascidia tritonis100
Ascidia unalaskensis100
Ascidia urnalia100
Ascidia vermiformis100
Ascidia virginea110
Ascidia viridina111
Ascidia zara111

Last Updated:   2020-Nov-03