Molecular/Barcoding Data

This page is an in-development cooperative work with SCOR WG157 (MetaZooGene,   The "MZG" plots and information tables below summarize known observations of this taxa (Dendronephthya) and locations associated with GenBank barcodes for this taxa or taxa group (red stars).   Additional information on this taxa is available at

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In the map above, light blue circles indicate where this taxa has been observed in COPEPOD or OBIS.
Red stars indicate locations where genus-level or species-level barcoding samples exist in GenBank or BOLD.

The table below shows the values plotted in the bargraph above.   Ocean columns indicate taxa has been observed in that ocean.

Sibling-taxa of this
# of Species
Observed in
# of Species
barcoded in
# of these
with GeoLocation
Dendronephthya acaulis100
Dendronephthya alba100
Dendronephthya andamanensis100
Dendronephthya armata100
Dendronephthya australis100
Dendronephthya booleyi100
Dendronephthya brachycaulos100
Dendronephthya brevirama100
Dendronephthya bruuni100
Dendronephthya castanea100
Dendronephthya cirsium100
Dendronephthya colemani100
Dendronephthya collaris100
Dendronephthya conica100
Dendronephthya coronata100
Dendronephthya costatorubra100
Dendronephthya curvata100
Dendronephthya delicatissima100
Dendronephthya dendrophyta100
Dendronephthya dichotoma100
Dendronephthya disciformis100
Dendronephthya divaricata100
Dendronephthya echinata100
Dendronephthya filigrana100
Dendronephthya flammea100
Dendronephthya foliata100
Dendronephthya gigantea100
Dendronephthya gilva100
Dendronephthya golgotha100
Dendronephthya harrisoni100
Dendronephthya heterocyathus100
Dendronephthya hirsuta100
Dendronephthya hystricosa100
Dendronephthya irregularis100
Dendronephthya koellikeri100
Dendronephthya lanxifera100
Dendronephthya laxa100
Dendronephthya longispina100
Dendronephthya macrocaulis100
Dendronephthya macrospina100
Dendronephthya magnacantha100
Dendronephthya masoni100
Dendronephthya microspiculata100
Dendronephthya monticulosa100
Dendronephthya mucronata100
Dendronephthya mutabilis110
Dendronephthya nicobarensis100
Dendronephthya nigrescens100
Dendronephthya nigripes100
Dendronephthya novaezeelandiae100
Dendronephthya ochracea100
Dendronephthya oviformis100
Dendronephthya palaoensis100
Dendronephthya pallida100
Dendronephthya palmata100
Dendronephthya pentagona100
Dendronephthya punicea100
Dendronephthya purpurea100
Dendronephthya pyriformis100
Dendronephthya quadrata100
Dendronephthya regia100
Dendronephthya roemeri100
Dendronephthya rubeola100
Dendronephthya rubra100
Dendronephthya sinaiensis110
Dendronephthya speciosa100
Dendronephthya spinifera100
Dendronephthya spinosa100
Dendronephthya spinulosa100
Dendronephthya spissa100
Dendronephthya splendens100
Dendronephthya staphyloidea100
Dendronephthya studeri100
Dendronephthya suensoni100
Dendronephthya umbellata100
Dendronephthya variata100
Dendronephthya varicolor100
Dendronephthya vervoorti100

Last Updated:   2020-Nov-15