Molecular/Barcoding Data

This page is an in-development cooperative work with SCOR WG157 (MetaZooGene,   The "MZG" plots and information tables below summarize known observations of this taxa (Munida) and locations associated with GenBank barcodes for this taxa or taxa group (red stars).   Additional information on this taxa is available at

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In the map above, light blue circles indicate where this taxa has been observed in COPEPOD or OBIS.
Red stars indicate locations where genus-level or species-level barcoding samples exist in GenBank or BOLD.

The table below shows the values plotted in the bargraph above.   Ocean columns indicate taxa has been observed in that ocean.

Sibling-taxa of this
# of Species
Observed in
# of Species
barcoded in
# of these
with GeoLocation
Munida abelloi100
Munida acacia100
Munida acantha110
Munida aequalis100
Munida affinis100
Munida agave100
Munida alia100
Munida alonsoi110
Munida amathea100
Munida amblytes100
Munida andamanica111
Munida angulata100
Munida angusta111
Munida antliae100
Munida antonbruuni100
Munida apheles100
Munida apodis100
Munida arabica100
Munida arae100
Munida armata100
Munida armilla110
Munida asprosoma110
Munida atarapa100
Munida atlantica100
Munida aulakodes100
Munida austrina110
Munida babai100
Munida bapensis100
Munida barangei100
Munida barbeti100
Munida beanii100
Munida benedicti100
Munida benguela110
Munida brachytes100
Munida caeli110
Munida caesura100
Munida carinata100
Munida cerisa100
Munida chacei100
Munida chathamensis100
Munida chydaea100
Munida clinata111
Munida collier100
Munida coltroi100
Munida columbae100
Munida compacta110
Munida compressa110
Munida congesta110
Munida constricta100
Munida cornuta100
Munida crassa100
Munida curvimana110
Munida curvipes100
Munida curvirostris100
Munida debilis100
Munida declivis100
Munida delicata110
Munida descensa100
Munida devestiva100
Munida disgrega100
Munida disiunctus100
Munida dispar100
Munida dissita100
Munida distiza111
Munida ducoussoi100
Munida eclepsis111
Munida elachia100
Munida elfina100
Munida endeavourae110
Munida erato100
Munida erugata100
Munida eudora100
Munida euripa110
Munida evarne100
Munida evermanni100
Munida exilis100
Munida fasciata100
Munida flinti110
Munida forceps100
Munida fornacis100
Munida galaxaura100
Munida gilii111
Munida glabella100
Munida gordoae110
Munida gracilipes100
Munida gracilis111
Munida gregaria111
Munida guineae100
Munida guttata110
Munida haswelli111
Munida heblingi100
Munida hispida111
Munida hoda110
Munida howensis100
Munida hyalina100
Munida icela100
Munida idyia111
Munida ignea100
Munida inornata100
Munida insularis100
Munida intermedia111
Munida irrasa100
Munida isos111
Munida janetae100
Munida japonica100
Munida kapala111
Munida keiensis100
Munida kuboi100
Munida laevis100
Munida lailai110
Munida lanciaria110
Munida leagora111
Munida lenticularis110
Munida leptitis100
Munida leptosyne110
Munida limatula100
Munida limula100
Munida lineola100
Munida llenasi100
Munida longicheles100
Munida longinquus100
Munida macphersoni110
Munida maculata100
Munida magniantennulata100
Munida major100
Munida manqingae100
Munida masi100
Munida masoae100
Munida media100
Munida megalophthalma100
Munida melite100
Munida mendagnai111
Munida mesembria110
Munida mexicana100
Munida microphthalma111
Munida microps100
Munida micula100
Munida miles100
Munida miniata100
Munida minuta100
Munida moliae111
Munida montemaris100
Munida multilineata100
Munida munin100
Munida nesaea100
Munida nesiotes110
Munida notata111
Munida notialis100
Munida nuda100
Munida obesa100
Munida oblonga100
Munida ocellata100
Munida offella100
Munida olivarae100
Munida ommata111
Munida oritea100
Munida pagesi111
Munida parca110
Munida parile100
Munida parvioculata100
Munida parvula100
Munida pasithea100
Munida paucistria100
Munida pavonis100
Munida pectinata100
Munida perlata100
Munida petronioi100
Munida pherusa100
Munida philippinensis100
Munida pilorhyncha100
Munida pollioculus100
Munida polynoe100
Munida pontoporea100
Munida profunda100
Munida prominula100
Munida propinqua100
Munida proto111
Munida psamathe110
Munida pseliophora100
Munida psylla110
Munida pulchra100
Munida pumila100
Munida punctata100
Munida pusilla100
Munida pusiola100
Munida pygmaea100
Munida quadrispina111
Munida redacta100
Munida refulgens100
Munida remota100
Munida rhodonia111
Munida robusta100
Munida rogeri110
Munida roshanei100
Munida rosula111
Munida rubella100
Munida rubiesi100
Munida rubridigitalis111
Munida rubrimana100
Munida rubrovata100
Munida rufiantennulata111
Munida rugosa111
Munida runcinata111
Munida rupicola100
Munida sacksi100
Munida sanctipauli111
Munida sao111
Munida sarsi110
Munida semoni111
Munida sentai100
Munida serrata100
Munida shaula110
Munida simplex100
Munida simulatrix111
Munida solitaria100
Munida speciosa111
Munida sphinx100
Munida spicae100
Munida spilota110
Munida spinifrons100
Munida spinosa110
Munida spinulifera100
Munida spissa100
Munida squamifera100
Munida stia110
Munida stigmatica100
Munida stimpsoni100
Munida striata100
Munida striola100
Munida subcaeca100
Munida taenia110
Munida tangaroa100
Munida tenella111
Munida tenuimana110
Munida tetracantha110
Munida thoe110
Munida tiresias110
Munida trigonocornus100
Munida tuberculata110
Munida tyche111
Munida typhle100
Munida valida111
Munida vicina100
Munida victoria100
Munida vigiliarum100
Munida volantis100
Munida watatsumi100
Munida williamsi100
Munida zebra110

Last Updated:   2020-Nov-14