Haloptilus acutifrons
(Giesbrecht, 1893)
Species ( WoRMS: 0104422 | ITIS: 0085974 )
WoRMS taxon status is:   "accepted"
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In the upper map above, the RED DOTS indicate locations of quantitative data (~ 173 obs globally),
while gray dots indicate locations of "presence/absence" (non-quantitative) observation data.
BLUE STARS show locations of any time series reporting this taxa or group (~ 2 sites globally).

In the lower map, the blue-shaded regions represent temperature-salinity realms that match the conditions
where the taxa were observed.   The dark-to-light shading indicates "theoretical niches" corresponding to
temperature-salinity ranges that were associated with 75%/90%/95%/99% of the original taxa observations.

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You can click here for an alphabetical list of all [ Families | Genera | Species ] belonging to this entry.

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[BIOMETRICS ]   (open below as a full browser window)   These data are a collaborative contribution of the ICES Working Group on Zooplankton Ecology (WGZE).
You can also download a CSV version of the Length-Weight or Individual-Size or Individual-Mass compilations.

Time Series that contain Haloptilus acutifrons (or its taxonomic siblings).

North Atlantic (ICES WGZE/WGPME TS Groups)
Global (IGMETS TS Groups)

The data below may not be part of the COPEPOD database.   Data inquires can be made through the contact points
provided in the summary page connected in the blue bracket-surrounded "[]" links below.

 Baleares Station [es-50201]
 Gulf of Naples LTER-MC [it-30101]
 SAHFOS NATL-CPR [uk-40100]

# of ObservationsKnown data sets that contain (Haloptilus acutifrons).
This may include sibling taxa data sources.
80  Pelagic Ecosystems of the Tropical Atlantic   [ru-05105] 
29  Pelagic Ecosystems of the Mediterranean   [ru-05107] 
24  YugNIRO   [ru-05501] 
15  Carnegie Cruise VII (1928-1929)   [us-01014] 
7  Brodskii 1950   [ru-01001] 
7  ARK IV and ARK VIII   [de-04201] 
6  Drift Station Alpha   [us-01019] 
2  Minoda 1967   [us-01031] 
1  USS Burton Island   [us-01056] 
1  SAHFOS NATL-CPR  [presence-info-only, no counts, no data link]
1  SAHFOS-CPR Atlantic Ocean   [uk-05101] 
1  Australia 75years paper  [presence-info-only, no counts, no data link]

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