# of unique
Known data sets that contain (Mysidae).
This may include sibling taxa data sources.
1473  complex-EcoMon  [presence-info-only, no counts, no data link]
206  GILL Zooplankton Collection   [us-01026] 
94  Australia 75years paper  [presence-info-only, no counts, no data link]
86  Finnish Baltic Sea Monitoring   [fi-05101] 
43  Koyo Maru - Brazil   [jp-04101] 
14  HAKUHO MARU collection   [jp-04301] 
12  Biological Atlas of the Arctic Seas 2000   [ru-03101] 
5  JARE   [jp-05101] 
2  WEBSEC   [us-01058] 
2  Pelagic Ecosystems of the Mediterranean   [ru-05107] 
1  Pelagic Ecosystems of the Tropical Atlantic   [ru-05105] 
1  Brodskii 1950   [ru-01001] 

Last Updated:   2020-Nov-05