Phylum ( WoRMS: 0146142 | ITIS: 0155469 )
WoRMS taxon status is:   "accepted"
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In the map above, the RED DOTS indicate locations of quantitative data (~ 1361 obs globally),
while pink dots indicate locations of "presence-only" (non-quantitative) observation data.
YELLOW STARS show locations of any time series reporting this taxa or group (~ 19 sites globally).
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  Cheilostomatida (Gymnolaemata)
Busk, 1852
Order   [ "accepted" ]   T4003256

# of direct Siblings:   2
# of Observations (self+sibs):   0

You can click here for an alphabetical list of all [ Families | Genera | Species ] belonging to this entry.

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Time Series that contain Bryozoa (or its taxonomic siblings).

North Atlantic (ICES WGZE/WGPME TS Groups)
Global (IGMETS TS Groups)

The data below may not be part of the COPEPOD database.   Data inquires can be made through the contact points
provided in the summary page connected in the blue bracket-surrounded "[]" links below.

 AZMP Halifax Line 2 [ca-50101]
 AZMP Prince 5 [ca-50102]
 Helgoland Roads [de-30201]
 Malaga Bay [es-50301]
 Siglunes Transect [is-30101]
 Selvogsbanki Transect [is-30102]
 Fugloya-Bjornoya Transect - North [no-50201]
 Fugloya-Bjornoya Transect - South [no-50202]
 Plymouth L4 [uk-30201]
 SAHFOS NATL-CPR [uk-40100]
 Aland Sea (F64) [fi-30102-003]
 Baltic Proper LL17 [fi-30104-003]
 Bothnian Sea Region: SR5+US5b+F64 [fi-30102]
 Bothnian Sea SR5 [fi-30102-001]
 Bothnian Sea US5b [fi-30102-002]
 Gulf of Finland LL12 [fi-30103-003]
 Gulf of Finland LL3a [fi-30103-001]
 Gulf of Finland LL7 [fi-30103-002]
 Gulf of Finland Region: LL3A+LL7+LL12 [fi-30103]
 Northern Baltic Proper Region: BY15+BY38+LL17+LL23 [fi-30104]

# of ObservationsKnown data sets that contain (Bryozoa).
This may include sibling taxa data sources.
6258  SAHFOS NATL-CPR  [presence-info-only, no counts, no data link]
5552  complex-EcoMon  [presence-info-only, no counts, no data link]
803  CSK   [zz-03301] 
115  IIOE   [zz-03201] 
80  Pelagic Ecosystems of the Tropical Atlantic   [ru-05105] 
75  SAHFOS-CPR Atlantic Ocean   [uk-05101] 
48  EcoMon-SOOP (Gulf of Maine)   [us-05103] 
47  EcoMon-SOOP (Mid-Atlantic Bight)   [us-05104] 
36  R/V ELTANIN  [presence-info-only, no counts, no data link]
25  Pelagic Ecosystems of the Mediterranean   [ru-05107] 
24  IMECOCAL   [mx-05101] 
17  CICAR   [ru-01002] 
16  Finnish Baltic Sea Monitoring   [fi-05101] 
14  INSTOP-6   [tn-01001] 
13  CINECA IV   [fr-03103] 
10  CINECA II   [fr-03102] 
9  Gulf of California 1983-1984   [mx-01001] 
6  BIOMAN   [es-03101] 
6  ALMIRANTE SALDANHA Collection   [br-04001] 
4  Ocean Weather Station "Papa"   [ca-01002] 
4  Biological Atlas of the Arctic Seas 2000   [ru-03101] 
3  EASTROPAC   [us-05503] 
2  Pelagic Ecosystems of the Indian Ocean   [ru-05106] 
2  IROP-4   [uk-01001] 
1  WEBSEC   [us-01058] 
1  CSIRO Australia   [au-05101] 

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