Educational Resources:

Rural School and Community Trust Disclaimer link
References for Place Based Education
NOAA Education Resources
MIT Sea Grant Adopt A Boat Program Disclaimer link
Maine Learning Results Disclaimer link
National Marine Educators Association Disclaimer link
Fisheries and Marine Affairs Books List
EPA Educational Resources
Marine Careers Disclaimer link

Historical Resources:

Fisheries Historical Information
Fisheries Art
NOAA Historical Map and Chart Collection
NOAA Heritage Page (includes personal accounts from survey and research trips, such as an account from the discovery of the Gulf Stream)
History of NOAA (includes a timeline from 1800’s to present)

Oral History:

References for Interview Methods
The Oral History Association Disclaimer link
The American Folklife Center, U.S. Library of Congress
Maine Folklife Center Disclaimer link
Foxfire Disclaimer link
History Matters: Making Sense of Oral History Disclaimer link
Voices of the Valley (A Jr. and Senior High project series from Anderson Valley, CA)
Documenting Maritime Folklife
Folklife and Fieldwork: A Layman's Introduction to Field Techniques
Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage Disclaimer link
Social Science Information Gateway Disclaimer link


Definitions of Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Related Terms
References for Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Local Ecological Knowledge
Differences between Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Scientific Ecological Knowledge
Society of Ethnobiology Disclaimer link
International Society of Ethnobiology Disclaimer link
Ecological Knowledge Working Seminar II Disclaimer link


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