Marine Recreation and Tourism

Blanchet, M. Wylie. 1993. The Curve of Time: The Classic Memoir of a Woman and her Children Who Explored the Coastal Waters of the Pacific Northwest. Seattle, WA: Seal Press. Originally published in 1961, this book is considered a Canadian literary classic. It is an exploration of the natural world and cultural relics of Vancouver Island, B.C. as seen though the eyes of a family on a small boat.

Jenkins, Peter. 1995. Along the Edge of America. New York: Houghton Mifflin Company. In this book, adventures occur each day in a small boat traveling from the Everglades to Brownsville, Texas. Jenkins provides an exploration of the fascinating marine communities and salty characters of the Gulf of Mexico coast.

Lencek, Lena and Gideon Bosker. 1999. The Beach: The History of Paradise on Earth. New York: Penguin Putnam, Inc. Lencek and Bosker chart the social history of beaches from the time of the Romans and Greeks to the present, examining the shifting significance of beaches to Western cultures through time. The beach has been used for recreation, medicine, science, religion, and invention. This book examines how people have used the beach; its affects on people, and the affects people have on it.

Orams, Mark. 1999. Marine Tourism: Development, Impacts, and Management. New York and London: Routledge. Orams provides an overview of all aspects of marine tourism: history, opportunities, impacts, and management. It provides case studies from the cruise ship industry, whale watching, yachting, and maritime museums and festivals. Case studies are from the U.S., the Caribbean, New Zealand, and Australia.

**Special thanks to Marc Hershman, Professor at the University of Washington’s School of Marine Affairs ( ), for sharing a reading list from the SMA 500 course, from which many of these books and summaries were drawn.

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