Reef Presentations

Overview of U.S.-China LMR activities - Keith Chanon, NMFS

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Theme 1: Artificial Reefs: Utility and Implementation

Artificial reef monitoring presentation – Jim Bohnsack, NMFS

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The Construction and Investigation of Artificial Reefs and Sea Ranching in China - Chen, Pimao, CAFS

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Artificial Reef- Utility and Implementation in China - Li, Jilong, CAFS

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Theme 2: Reef Systems: Assessing Efficacy and Performance

U.S. Case Study - Rigs to Reefs Program – Jim Bohnsack, NMFS

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U.S. case study - Artificial Reef Program at the State of Hawaii - Matthey Parry, NMFS

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Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structures (ARMS): a Systematic Tool to Assess Spatial Patterns and Temporal Trends in Cryptobiota Biodiversity -  Rusty Brainard, NMFS

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Theme 3: Incorporating Habitat Data and Production Data from Ecosystem Enhancements into Living Marine Resource Assessments

Incorporating Habitat Data into LMR assessment - Ben Richards, NMFS

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Living Marine Resources Assessments - Jon Brodziak, NMFS

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Evaluation and Analysis of biomass in an Artificial Reef area of Daya Bay - Tang, Zhenzhao, CAFS

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Stock Enhancement Background: Perspectives on Marine Fisheries Enhancement - Ken Leber, Mote Marine Laboratory

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Effect Assessment of Fishery Stock Enhancement in Guangdong Coastal Water - Chen, Pimao, CAFS

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Theme 4: Ecosystem Services of Natural and Artificial Reefs in a Changing Climate

Ecosystem Goods and Services of Natural and Artificial Reefs in a Changing Climate - Rusty Brainard, NMFS

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Evaluation of Stock Enhancement (Shrimp, Crabs and Jellyfish) in the Bohai Sea - Li, Jilong, CAFS

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Theme 5: Enhancing reef habitat and ecological function

Coral Reef Fisheries - Day 3 restoring ecosystem function - Jim Bohnsack, NMFS

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Analysis of environmental variables and fouling organisms on an experimental artificial reef area of Daya Bay - Chen, Haigang

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