10th U.S.-China LMR Panel Meeting Presentation PPTs and Summaries

Meeting Objectives:

  • Exchange knowledge between the Chinese and U.S. scientists for supporting the management of living marine resources
  • Review the status and progress of joint activities
  • Identify joint priorities and specific areas for collaboration (short and longer-term activities) and identify mechanisms and resources to sustain cooperation and joint activities over the next five years

9:00   Opening Statements

-Dr. Ned Cyr, U.S. Chair

-Dr. LIU Yingjie

9:20   Self-introductions by participants

9:30   Adoption of the Agenda & Assignment of Rapporteurs

-Dr. LIU Yingjie

-Dr. Ned Cyr


-Keith Chanon, Jihong Dai, Prof. LI Jilong


9:40   Overview of the U.S.–China LMR Panel and Collaborative Research Activities in 2013

-Prof. LI Jilong and Keith Chanon


Theme 1: Marine Aquaculture

(Leaders: David O’Brien, NOAA; Dr. LIU Yingjie, CAFS)


10:00am   Linkages with the World Aquaculture Society

(Kevan Main, Mote Marine Lab) (abstract  | presentation )


New Developments and Opportunities in Aquaculture Research:

10:10am   U.S. Perspectives (David O’Brien and Mike Rust, NOAA) (abstract  | presentation )

10:25am     China Perspectives (Dr. Liu Yingjie, CAFS) (abstract  | presentation )


10:40am     Break


Stock Enhancement/Artificial Reefs:

11:00am   Mote Marine Lab Collaborations with the Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute (Ken Leber, Mote Marine Lab) (abstract  | presentation )

11:15am   Genetic Traits of Pompano that Affect the Species’ Growth (Ma Qian, on exchange to Mote Marine Lab from CAFS, YSFRI(abstract  | presentation )

11:35am   Industrialized Marine Aquaculture using Water Recirculation Systems (Qu Keming, CAFS)

(abstract  | presentation 

11:55pm     Open Discussion and Next Steps


12:15pm     Lunch


Alternative Feeds Research:

1:25pm       Overview of China Research Activities (Liu Yingjie, CAFS) (abstract  | presentation )

1:40pm       Overview of U.S. Research Activities (Ron Johnson, NOAA) (abstract  | presentation )

1:55pm       Joint Research Activities between the Northwest Fisheries Science Center and Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute (Ron Johnson, NOAA) (abstract  | presentation )

2:15pm       Open Discussion and Next Steps


Modeling and Monitoring the Environmental Impacts of Aquaculture Operations

2:35pm     Siting Aquaculture Operations with Respect to Environmental Sustainability (James Morris, NOAA) (abstract  | presentation )

2:55pm     Bioremediation Facilities and Techniques for the Degraded Biological Resources in Typical Bay Areas in China (Yang Hongsheng, CAS) (abstract  | presentation )


3:15pm       Open Discussion and Next Steps


3:35            Break


Theme 2: Assessing Natural and Artificial Reef Systems

(Leaders: Jason Cope, NOAA, Prof. Li Chunhou, CAFS)


NOAA – CAFS Joint Activities:

3:50pm     Modeling the Shape and Design of Artificial Reefs (Li Chunhou, CAFS) (abstract  | presentation )

4:10pm     SCSFRI Participation in the July-August Fisheries Oceanography Cruise on the Oscar Elton Sette and Assessment Methodologies for Reef Systems (Jason Cope, NOAA) (abstract  | presentation )

4:25pm     Joint Cruise and Stock Assessments for Reef Systems (Li Chunhou, CAFS) (abstract  | presentation )


4:45pm     Open Discussion and Next Steps


5:05pm     Announcements, Group Photo, and Adjourn for the Day

Theme 3: Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Research

(Leaders: John Bengtson, NOAA, Prof. LI Chunhou, CAFS)


8:30am     Gray Whales in the Western North Pacific: Joint Research and Recent Scientific Findings (Dave Weller, NOAA) (abstract  | presentation )

8:50am     Spotted Seal Research Conservation in the Yellow Sea (Peter Boveng, NOAA) (abstract  | presentation )

9:00am     Current Status of Sea Turtle Research in China and Future Cooperation Highlights (LI Chunhou, CAFS) (abstract  | presentation )

9:20am     New Developments for Joint Research Collaborations on Sea Turtles (Jeff Seminoff, NOAA)

 (abstract  | presentation )

9:40am    Open Discussion – Next Steps for Collaboration on Marine Mammals and Sea Turtles


Theme 4:    Other Collaborative Research Projects and Activities

(Leaders: Keith Chanon, NOAA, Prof. Li Jilong, CAFS)


10:00am   Oyster Reef Ecology Restoration in the Estuary of Yangtze River (Shen Xinqiang, CAFS) (abstract  | presentation )

10:15am   Native Oyster Hatcheries (Walt Dickhoff, NOAA) (abstract  | presentation )

10:30am   Euphausia Pacifica (Krill) and Climate (Bill Peterson, NOAA) (abstract  | presentation )


10:45am  Break


11:00am   Remote Sensing Monitoring Technologies for Marine Estuaries and Coastal Habitats: Opportunities for Collaboration (Li Jilong, CAFS and Kristan Blackhart, NOAA) (abstract  | presentation )

11:30am  Outcomes from the Joint Oil Spill Workshop

(Nat Scholz, NOAA, Qu Keming and Shen Xinqiang, CAFS) (abstract  | presentation )

11:55am   Proposal for a Symposium on Stock Assessments for Tropical Marine Systems (Jason Cope, NOAA) (abstract  | presentation )

12:10pm     Open Discussion and Next Steps

12:30pm     Lunch

1:30pm       Theme 5: Next Steps for the LMR Panel

(Leaders: LIU Yingjie, CAFS and Ned Cyr, NOAA) (abstract  | presentation )

1.      How to Facilitate Staff/Scientist Exchanges?

2.      Potential for a continuing US-China Science Symposium Series

3.      Identification of Joint Research Projects and Activities

4.      Discussion of the Next Panel Meeting (location, timing, other issues)


2:15pm     Closing Remarks by the Chinese and U.S. Co-Chairs


3:30pm     Visit to the Northwest Fisheries Science Center