U.S. - China Living Marine Resources Panel


Strengthening collaboration with China is a NOAA priority and is encouraged under the US-China Science and Technology Agreement, initially signed in 1979 by Heads of State. Under this S&T agreement, the “Protocol on Cooperation in the Field of Marine and Fishery Science and Technology” provides the framework for collaboration on marine and fisheries specific issues between the Chinese State Oceanic Administration and NOAA.  The U.S.-China Living Marine Resources (LMR) Panel is the formal body that implements collaborative science activities on fisheries and related issues.  This Panel is chaired by the Director of NMFS’ Office of Science & Technology and the Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Fisheries Science (CAFS).

In 2011, the two countries committed to reinvigorate the LMR Panel in order to advance science collaboration in the area of fisheries.  NOAA hosted a meeting of the LMR Panel in June 2011 and February 2014, CAFS hosted a meeting in October 2012 and will host the next panel meeting in June 2016. Several priority research activities were identified and launched following these meetings.  Please see the following links for additional information.

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