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Observer Safety Working Group

The Observer Safety Working Group is dedicated to sharing international expertise and resources to promote observer safety at sea. The working group makes available safety training resources, safety equipment, training guidelines, and lessons learned from accident and close-call reports. The working group identifies common safety issues and suggests solutions, drawing on members’ relationships with other maritime organizations involved with the safety of workers at sea. This effort includes a program safety survey that is currently being compiled, and will be presented at the upcoming IFOMC.

Continuing with the success of past conferences, the Safety Working Group will again be hosting an entire room dedicated to safety training resources, safety equipment, and ideas. Various safety equipment will be on display, highlighting some of the recent gear advancements that are being employed in different observer programs, and the fishing industries around the world.

Resource Links

Safety training and resources organization (USA)

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Evaluation of NMFS Observer Safety Training (USA)

NOAA/ NMFS/ National Observer Program

List of safety training materials and resources (USA)

NOAA/ NMFS/ National Observer Program

Safety Work Group membership:

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