Interviewee: Reverend Daniel Nguyen

Role: Pastor, Vietnamese Christian Assembly of God Church D'Iberville, Mississippi

Date of Interview: 8/29/11

Collection: Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster Oral History Project

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Abstract: Reverend Daniel Q. Nguyen and his wife are co-pastors of the Vietnamese Christian Assembly of God Church in coastal D'Iberville, Mississippi. They minister to parishioners in a church still struggling to recover from total destruction in Hurricane Katrina. Reverend Nguyen relates how faith guided his congregation of fisherfolk through hardships endured escaping Vietnam. He believes this faith now strengthens these same believers who are facing fear in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster.


No, I don't fear because one thing the Lord promise you: the Lord take care of you. Be the first you seek the Lord and his Kingdom, the Lord will do everything for you. But so that my experience from Vietnam. From Vietnam we have nothing. We empty hand, empty thing in the home, empty food, like everything. No bicycle. We ride the bicycle, and we think the Lord bring – my experience one time when I share the Lord in the Vietnam, the Lord share and support us, everything because of our prayer. Sometime I don't know where, but when a month we need, the Lord sent the right food, everything, in the home. But (inaudible) I told with my member, with congregation, never hungry, never lack of about food in America, but we lack of the faith in the Lord. You not obey the Lord. You not have obedience in Lord, so that you fear. When you have faith, you obey, you seek the Kingdom first, never fail. The Lord never fail in your life. This (inaudible) is so strong mind, strong mind. We preach strong mind for congregation. We preach a strong blessing from God when you obey the Lord. So that we don't fear.

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