Interviewee: Roland Clark

Role: Commercial Fisherman

Date of Interview: 9/11/97

Collection: Peconic Estuary

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Abstract: Roland Clark is a traditional fisher from Shelter Island, New York, whose family has lived on the island since the 1700s. Roland learned a variety of harvesting techniques from his father and grandfather, and over the years has earned a living scalloping, clamming, oystering, catching bluefish and swordfish, and also charter fishing.

Transcript: "I've lived and worked on the water all my life. I'm fifty-eight years old. I went to school on the island. When I was a kid I fished with my father and grandfather and went clammin' and bay scallopin' and haul seinin' and hand linin' and bluefishin', swordfishin' once in a while which was like a pleasure trip. And uh, after high school I went into the Coast Guard. As I was gettin' out of the Coast Guard my brother and I had a boat built to go charter fishin', forty-five foot boat. I'd go scallopin' in the fall along with charter fishin', part of the winter I'd be scallopin', and then I'd go to Florida and work on yachts, come back in the spring and start gettin' the charter boat ready. You need the whole combination to make a livin'. You just can't depend on five or six months of one type of fishin' to make a living. Like the seasons of year, we need four good seasons. That makes a year."

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