Deep Water Horizon - Larry Ryan


Interviewee: Larry Ryan

Role: Commercial crabber, Mississippi Gulf Coast

Date of Interview: 3/7/12

Collection: Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster Oral History Project

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Abstract: Larry Ryan is a commercial crabber. He discusses the impact of the disaster on his fishery.

Transcript: Since the oil spill, this year, I've seen it worser this year, far as the crabbing and talking to other crabbers and one that you actually interviewed, himself – I don't know when, but – Wain Rogers. We've never seen crabbing get like it's got this year. We can put our traps out and leave them setting two or three days, and we go back. They still won't have no crabs in them. And we don't know if it's to do with the oil spill or the dispersant they put over it that's caused this, or what's happened. But this year they has definitely something happened to the seafood. And it kind of started back in, we started really starting to feel it towards the end of the summer, and it's just went downhill from there because like today, I went this morning. I run 150 crab traps, and I had fifty pound of crabs. So, you should have between four and six hundred pounds, and just like from that. And that's working every day. This fifty pound is like working every two or three days. What I'm saying is I'll go tomorrow and run a hundred pots that I didn't run today and hope to get fifty pound out of them. Then the day after tomorrow, I'll go back and run the same hundred and fifty that I run today, and it's actually costing us more to work than we making.

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