Interviewee: George Henry Sprinkle

Role: Gear Manufacturer

Date of Interview: 8/22/08

Collection: Bayou La Batre

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Abstract: George Henry Sprinkle has been involved in the commercial fishing industry in the Bayou La Batre region of Alabama for his whole life. He owned a commercial fishing boat for many years, but sold it four years ago because he became frustrated with the increased regulation of the fishing industry and the rising price of fuel. Most of George’s income today comes from making nets. 

Transcript: “Well, I've been doing it all my life, not not sowin' all my life, but I've been commercial fishin' and stuff. My brother-in-law taught me a lot of this right here. I knew how to patch and everything but he, he taught me a lot about all this. I had my own boat up 'till about, what, four years ago Dillard? About four years ago, and I sold it. Rules, regulation, and the price of fuel, and the price of everything went up. Just couldn't keep up with it.

All these nets like this, they all according to what size the webbing is, how you hang it, all the hangings ain't ever the same, you know, like say an inch and three-quarters an inch and seven-eighths, or two inch, it will be a different, different hanging on it. Like this here is three and three-eighths on the point.”

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