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Oceanic plankton constitute the largest reservoir of biomass in the world's oceans and play a significant role in the transfer of energy and materials within the oceanic ecosystems. Gaining access and insight into world's collection of historical and ongoing plankton monitoring data is essential for evaluating ecosystem health and for detecting changes in these ecosystems. The COPEPOD project offers access to a variety of raw plankton data sets, prepared data products, and visualization and analysis tool kits.



The Coastal & Oceanic Plankton Ecology, Production, & Observation Database (COPEPOD)project was started in 2004, with an initial goal of integrating the vast collection of zooplankton data from the various NMFS ecosystem monitoring programs into a US-wide and then global database of zooplankton and phytoplankton abundance, biomass, and composition. COPEPOD features hundreds of data sets from NMFS, international, and historical plankton sampling efforts. Regional compilation and global gridded products are also available from these data.



The COPEPOD Interactive Time-series Explorer (COPEPODITE) is both an online toolkit and a database for zooplankton and phytoplankton time-series from around the world. The online toolkit allows a user to apply a broad collection of standard graphics and analysis tools to their own uploaded data.



NAUPLIUS ties together data and visualization components from the COPEPOD, COPEPODITE, and ECHO projects, creating a comprehensive ecosystem overview from hydrography to biology. NAUPLIUS provides comprehensive data access and visualization through seamless integration of in situ and satellite data sources.



COPEPOD:  The Global Plankton Database

COPEPODITE:  The Plankton Time-series Toolkit

NAUPLIUS:  Plankton & Ecosystem Data & Visualization tools

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