National Habitat Assessment Workshop I
Theme:  Moving toward a NMFS National Habitat Science Program
May 2010

This workshop marked the first ever national meeting of the NMFS habitat science community, including habitat scientists from the NMFS Science Centers, managers from Regional Offices, and restoration scientists and managers from the Restoration Centers. The objective was to develop a cohesive national habitat science program and community within NMFS and establish approaches for implementing recommendations from the Habitat Assessment Improvement Plan (HAIP). The workshop focused on ways to build and fund a habitat science program, aligning habitat assessments with management priorities, and identifying and refining habitat science products and tools for use by management.


National Habitat Assessment Workshop II
Theme:  Fisheries Science to Support NOAA's Habitat Blueprint
September 2012

This workshop was a successful follow-on to NHAW I.  It was instrumental in developing recommendations to improve the quality of NMFS habitat science needed for improved stock assessments and essential fish habitat; encouraging increased communication and collaboration between scientists and managers; and developing recommendations to improve information transfer products that NMFS habitat managers can use to inform essential fish habitat consultations and discussions with Fishery Management Councils.