National Fish Habitat Partnership

The National Fish Habitat Partnership is a nationwide, partnership-based approach to increase existing fish habitat conservation efforts. With a network of regional partnerships setting priorities based on science and strategic collaboration, the plan provides the groundwork to conserve habitats vital to coastal and marine fisheries. NOAA Fisheries’ involvement with the partnership provides scientific advice and direction, and encourages collaboration between public agencies, private organizations, and citizens to provide large-scale geographic benefits.

NOAA Fisheries, in conjunction with NCCOS and other non-agency partners, completed the coastal portion of the national fish habitat assessment included in the “Through a Fish’s Eye: The Status of Fish Habitats in the United States 2010.”  This was followed up by a more in depth peer-reviewed publication, “A National Assessment of Stressors to Estuarine Fish Habitats in the Contiguous USA.”  Additional information on the spatial framework used for the coastal assessment is provided by NCCOS. This information used for this work has been incorporated into a data system web tool developed by USGS.