Habitat Modeling of Atlantic Blue Marlin with SEAPODYM and Satellite Tags

Principal Investigator: Michael J. Schirripa
Co-Principal Investigator: Eric Prince
External Collaborators: Jiangang Luo (University of Miami), Patrick Lehodey (CLS)

The use of habitat modeling is becoming a common approach for standardization of catch per unit of effort (CPUE) allowing one to incorporate environmental influences on the distribution of fishes (ICCAT, 2004). We are modeling the habitat of Atlantic blue marlin using an approach developed for a Spatial Ecosystem And Populations Dynamics Model (SEAPODYM). The model will be calibrated and evaluated using fishing data and electronic tagging data. While the results will be useful for CPUE standardization, they will also provide the first step toward a full application of SEAPODYM to investigate spatial population dynamics of blue marlin and to develop stock assessment studies. The SEAPODYM model will provide an estimate of the spatial distribution of blue marlin habitat. This estimated distribution will be a new piece of information not currently available to the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT). This study is also a preparatory phase to investigate in more detail the spatial population dynamics of blue marlin and to develop stock assessments studies with a new generation of model not yet used by ICCAT, and that can be compared to other stock assessment models estimates.

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