Northeast Fisheries Science Center

The Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC) is a research branch of NOAA Fisheries that conducts ecosystem-based research and assessments of living marine resources of the Northeast Shelf. The NEFSC’s mission is to promote the recovery and long-term sustainability of these resources and generate social and economic opportunities and benefits from their use.  Climate-related changes in the Northeast region include increasing ocean temperatures, rising sea levels, ocean acidification, changes in precipitation, ocean currents, ocean productivity and diversity.  The NEFSC has a variety of research and monitoring efforts that help track, understand and forecast climate-related impacts on resources and resource-dependent communities.

Start by exploring the NEFSC Ecosystem Information Portal, Climate Change and the Northeast Large Marine Ecosystem, and Ecosystem Status Report for the Northeast Large Marine Ecosystem for an overview of NEFSC’s work related to climate change.

Access the NEFSC homepage here.