Commercial Bibliographies

Click here for an annotated bibliography of fisheries economics literature , developed by John Ward, NOAA Fisheries economist. The abstracts, where possible, were taken directly from the cited articles and books. Last updated June 1997.

A more recent, though less detailed bibliography on commercial fisheries economics and related empirical and production literature  is also available.

Protected Species Valuation Bibliography

Kristy Wallmo, NOAA Fisheries economist, has prepared a literature review of the marine protected species valuation literature .

Recreational Bibliographies

The Office of Science & Technology has compiled a series of annotated bibliographies that might be useful when researching recreational economic issues:

Random Utility Models 
Travel Cost Models 
Contingent Valuation 
Opportunity Cost of Time  
Miscellaneous Recreation Valuation Literature

These bibliographies are not comprehensive lists of published articles, and NOAA Fisheries does not guarantee that all citations are correct.

Note on downloading PDFs: To download PDFs, rather than viewing from your browser, right click on the above link and select save target as to save to your PC.

The Southeast Fisheries Science Center has created the Southeast Recreational Fisheries Social Science Literature, a searchable database.


National Ocean Economics Program Non-market Valuation Studies Database