Recreational Fisheries Data and Model Needs Workshop Agenda


Tuesday, July 26th
9:00 amWelcome Remarks ― Russell Dunn
9:10 amOpening Remarks/Objectives of the Workshop ― Rita Curtis
9:30 am

Overview of MRIP Changes ― Gordon Colvin
Overview of MRIP Estimation Procedures ― Dave Van Voorhees

Question and Answers

11:15 amBreak
11:25 amData Needs for Angler Characteristics ― Sabrina Lovell
11:35 am

Group Discussion of MRIP/Angler Characteristics ― Moderator: Sonia Jarvis

12:20 pmLunch
1:20 pm 

Revealed Preference Models

Overview of Current Models ― Cindy Thomson
Data Needs ― Sabrina Lovell
Structured Discussion ― Moderator: James Hilger

2:50 pm Break
3:00 pm 

Economic Impacts

Overview of Current Models ― Scott Steinback
Data Needs ― Sabrina Lovell   
Structured Discussion ― Moderator: Jerry Leonard

4:30 pmAdjourn


Wednesday, July 27th
9:00 amTech Innovation: Mako Sharks and Google Apps ― George Silva
9:30 am 

Stated Preference

Overview of Current Models - Dan Lew

9:30 am

Overview of MRIP Changes ― Gordon Colvin

Overview of MRIP Estimation Procedures ― Dave Van Voorhees
Question and Answers

10:30 amBreak
10:45 am

Stated Preference Models

Data Needs ― Sonia Jarvis
Structured Discussion ― Moderator: Christopher Liese

12:30 pm


1:30 pm  

For-Hire Studies

California For-Hire Studies ― James Hilger
2011 Northeast Cost and Earnings Study ― Scott Steinback
Southeast Conjoint Study ― Christopher Liese

3:00 pm


3:15 pm 

For-Hire Models

Data Needs ― Sabrina Lovell
Discussion ― Moderator: Justin Hospital

 4:45 pm



Thursday, July 28th
8:30 am 

Special Studies

Ocean Recreation Survey ― Rosemary Kosaka
Northwest Estuary model ― Leif Anderson
Southeast Hedonic Analysis ― David Carter
Northeast Bioeconomic Model ― Sonia Jarvis

10:30 amBreak
10:45 am

Special applications of IMPLAN

Northeast Bioeconomic Model ― Scott Steinback
Southern California ― James Hilger
Pacific Northwest ― Jerry Leonard

11:45 am

Discussion of Special Studies Data Modeling and Needs ― Moderator: Cindy Thomson

12:30 pm


2:00 pm

Data Collections in Alaska and Pacific Islands

Pacific Islands Recreational Studies – Justin Hospital
Alaska Sportfishing Survey – Dan Lew

3:00 pm

Open discussion of all topics covered or additional topics

Moderator: Sabrina Lovell

3:45 pm

Concluding remarks – Rita Curtis

4:00 pm