2013 National Saltwater Angler Survey

What matters most to saltwater recreational anglers?  Results from a new NOAA Fisheries survey aim to begin answering that question.

 Rec Fish Attitudes and Preferences

In 2013, NOAA Fisheries conducted our first-ever national survey of recreational saltwater anglers’ opinions and attitudes. The results provide insights into anglers’ motivations, characteristics of successful trips, and preferred management objectives to help NOAA Fisheries better understand what saltwater recreational anglers care most about.

More than 9,000 state and federally-permitted saltwater anglers from 22 coastal states in the continental United States and Alaska responded to the survey.

The survey provides a high-level national snapshot that complements NOAA’s ongoing economic work  and contributes to the broader body of social science research on recreational saltwater fishing. Additional analysis is forthcoming and will provide more detailed regional breakdowns of the results.

We encourage you to weigh in on the survey results by using the following social media tools and online resources to keep the conversations going in your community: