Science & Technology Divisions


The Office of Science and Technology is part of the NOAA Fisheries. The S&T advocates and ensures sound scientific basis for NOAA Fisheries science programs and resource conservation and management decisions. It is composed of a Directorate and five Divisions.Dr. Ned Cyr is the Director of the Office.


Fisheries Statistics (ST1)

Dr. David Van Voorhees
Division Chief

The Fisheries Statistics Division collects data and coordinates information and research programs to support the science-based stewardship of the nation's living marine resources. Read More...

Operations, Management and Information (ST3)

Karl Moline
Division Chief

The Operations, Management, and Information (OMI) Division (ST3) was created to centralize core operational and administrative functions for The Office of Science and Technology (ST). 

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Assessment & Monitoring (ST4)

Dr. Stephen Brown
Division Chief

The Assessment and Monitoring Division supports at-sea resource surveys, stock assessments, habitat science and assessments, protected resource science and the seabird program, fisheries observer programs, cooperative research 


Economics & Social Analysis (ST5)

Dr. Rita Curtis
Division Chief

The NOAA Fisheries Economics and Social Sciences Program supports an ecosystem-based approach for managing the Nation's living marine resources. Within this context, the Program: Read More..


Science Information (ST6)

Dr. Franklin Schwing
Division Chief

The Science Information Division supports the Office of Science and Technology’s mission of maintaining and improving the quality and credibility of NOAA Fisheries’ scientific activities. The Division provides application development and data management support. Read More...

Marine Ecosystems (ST7)

Dr. Kenric Osgood
Division Chief

The Marine Ecosystems Division supports the development and coordination of science programs to advance the incorporation of ecosystem information into living marine resource management. Major activities within this domain include:
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Dr. Ned Cyr

David Detlor
Deputy Director

Directorate staff manages and supports the overall objectives and mission of the NOAA Fisheries Office of Science and Technology.

Some of the Office Director’s primary roles include the following: