Professional Specialty Groups

The FIS professional specialty groups (PSGs) congregate experts from multiple disciplines in order to address a specific need or issue that’s identified by the FIS Project Management Team. The PSGs are composed of representatives from NOAA Fisheries Headquarters, Regional Offices, Science Centers, FINs and state partners. There are currently four PSGs in operation: Permits, Electronic Reporting, Fisheries One-Stop-Shop, and Quality Management.

Electronic Reporting PSG identifies and promotes data collection systems that reduce redundant reporting and improve data quality while fulfilling fishery regulations and confidentiality requirements.  The ER PSG inventories currently available electronic reporting systems, and their respective capabilities. The PSG currently coordinates with NOAA Fisheries National Observer Program team members and members from NOAA Fisheries Sustainable Fisheries Division to support electronic reporting initiatives and to address related issues.

Access and Dissemination PSG guides the development of the Fisheries One-Stop-Shop (FOSS) data-sharing tool, which allows stakeholders to access and compare data from different regional data collection systems on a single web platform. The FOSS PSG establishes requirements, monitors progress, and provides guidance for future phases of FOSS. The group also serves as the liaison between business users and the technical team to ensure it is meeting stakeholder needs.

Quality Management PSG develops and hosts quality management trainings to provide participants with methods and tools for improving data collection and reporting processes in regions across the country. It also guides the implementation of quality management principles and tools into daily business practices to ensure ongoing improvement. Since 2010, members of the group have served as QM ambassadors through training and outreach efforts.  Through this work, the QM PSG is developing and promoting a culture of quality management.  The group meets regularly to share ideas and to promote QM principles for the benefit of NOAA Fisheries, our FMCs and partner agencies’ staff.

Permits PSG was created as a forum to discuss cross-regional permit issues and to coordinate on other permit-related issues within or outside the FIS program, including the National Permit System.  In keeping with the FIS model, the formal role of the PSG – responding to a data need, developing potential solutions, testing those solutions to identify the appropriate approach, and overseeing initial implementation of that approach – has concluded.  The Office of the Chief Information Officer will now take on the role of maintaining the National Permit System.