Quality Management and Continuous Improvement

In an environment that promotes continuous improvement, NOAA Fisheries and the Fisheries Information System Program strive to find creative solutions that produces high quality, accurate, defensible data that supports timely and cost-effective management and policy.   Though quality management (QM) does include data quality, its reach is much broader.  Quality management and continuous improvement include leadership engagement, strategic planning, the use of process improvement tools and listening to the customer.  When organizations include these quality management principles, a direct result will be improved data quality.  Since 2010, members of the QM & CI Professional Specialty Group have served as QM ambassadors through training and outreach efforts.  Through this work, the QM & CI PSG is developing and promoting a culture of quality management.  The group meets regularly to share ideas and to promote QM principles for the benefit of NOAA Fisheries, our FMCs and partner agencies’ staff.

Our Vision: The integration of Quality Management and Continuous Improvement principles into everyday NOAA Fisheries business processes.

Our Mission: Create outstanding Quality Management Ambassadors that educate and inform regional FMCs to ingrain a sustainable Quality Management culture throughout NOAA Fisheries to foster continuous improvement and "Best-in-Class Solutions".

Purpose: The Purpose of the QM & CI PSG webpage is to provide a central space to share specific information about quality improvement exercises and tools that we have used throughout NOAA Fisheries and with our partners to understand and improve data-management.