Quality Management Toolbox

The purpose of the Quality Management Toolbox is to provide a centralized space for the Quality Management PSG to share specific information about quality improvement exercises and tools that we have used in our regions to understand and improve our data, activities, and processes.  The Toolbox enables us to share experiences about implementing quality improvement tools and develop best practices for quality improvement tools that are applicable to fisheries data management.

The Toolbox provides a list of tools and instructional information with specifics on:

  • Why to use the tool;
  • When to use the tool;
  • Step-by-step instructions for how to use the tool as well as blank templates or worksheets for you to complete;
  • Specific examples from regions that have implemented the tool, along with a description of why it was helpful and any insights that were developed by using the tool;
  • Subject matter experts (i.e., QM Ambassadors) who have background knowledge on utilizing each tool and can answer specific questions.

As the PSG is constantly monitoring developments in quality management, this page will be regularly updated to keep pace with current trends. 

Background - Problem - Solution Document (Communication Tool)

Business Rule Documentation (Use Case Tool) 

Data Flow Diagram (Graphical Representation of Information Flow)

Flowchart (Process Diagram Tool)

Hoshin Kanri (Strategic Planning Tool)

Project Management and Collaboration Tools

Measures and Metrics (Performance Indicator Tool)

Process Characteristics Sheet & Standard Operating Procedure (Procedural Documentation Tools)

Process Interaction Matrix (Identify and Group Similar Processes)

SIPOC (Process Elements Tool)

Value Stream Mapping (Effort and Time Indicator Tool)