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COPEPODITE:   The Interactive Time-series Explorer

COPEPODITE:   The Interactive Time-series Explorer

Select your study region and upload your own data.

Choose from a variety of graphics and analysis results.

COPEPOD's Interactive Time-series Explorer (COPEPODITE) is an online toolkit that can process a user's uploaded time-series data using a variety of methods and visualizations.

The current capabilities of the toolkit can be see in the Example Results page.

Instructions and general information are available in the User's Guide.

The analyses and visualizations of COPEPODITE have been features in a variety of publications and status reports, and are currently in use by the IOC-UNESCO IGMETS time series working group, as well as the ICES phytoplankton (WGPME) and zooplankton (WGZE) working groups.  

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