Gulf of Mexico

Latitude:   29.8056     Longitude:   -86.1666

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David Hanisko  

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IMPORTANT:   The SEAMAP zooplankton time series are a work-in-progress between COPEPOD and David Hanisko at SEAMAP. &nsbps; These data are not in anyway in a final or finished form.

The SouthEast Area Monitoring and Assessment Program (SEAMAP) has been conducting plankton surveys throughout the Gulf of Mexico since 1982. The goal of plankton surveys under SEAMAP has been to assemble a time series of data on the occurrence, abundance and geographical distribution of fish eggs and larvae, as well as, to collect data on selected physical properties of their pelagic habitat.

The overall SEAMAP sampling area covers the entire northern GOM from the 10 meter isobath out to the U.S. EEZ, and comprises approximately 300 designated sampling sites. For purpose of creating time series from this collection, the sites were divided into geographic regions of similar hydrographic properties. Seven "on shelf" and two "off shelf" regions were identified (Figure 1).

For the purpose of creating these time series, only data from ~333 µm mesh bongo nets was used.

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