KRILLBASE: Antarctic Peninsula & western Scotia Sea
Southern Ocean

Latitude:   -62.8000     Longitude:   -65.0000

Associated Investigators:

Angus Atkinson (main KRILLBASE contact) ,
Volker Siegel (German data) ,   Evgeny Pakhomov (USSR / South Africa data) ,   Simeon Hill (BAS/South Georgia data) ,   Christian Reiss (US-AMLR data) ,   Debbie Steinberg (Palmer-LTER data) ,   So Kawaguchi (Australian sector data)  

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KRILLBASE: a circumpolar database of Antarctic krill and salps

Standardised monitoring of Euphausia superba and salps only dates from the 1990s and in a few sites. However a wealth of historical data exists from various countries, all focussing on a narrow slice of Antarctica. KRILLBASE has mined and compiled all available scientific net-haul data into a single searchable database. This active project so far contains ~15000 net hauls for abundance of salps and postlarval krill, with many individual krill length measurements. The best coverage is December-March in the Atlantic and Indian sectors (1926-1939, post-1976). This composite dataset needs careful analysis because the methods were not standardised. However it is more than the sum of its parts and allows a diversity of analyses, for example meso- and circumpolar scale dynamics, changes with time and krill demographics. KRILLBASE includes state-funded programs (see above) which require direct prior communication for access to their parts of the dataset.