JMA Philippine Sea
Philippine Sea

Latitude:   29.5000     Longitude:   135.0000

Associated Investigators:

Masao Ishii ()  

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Oceanographic and marine meteorological observations are conducted in the western North Pacific and in the seas adjacent to Japan by two JMA research vessels named Ryofu Maru and Keifu Maru. The system of oceanographic and marine meteorological observations changed from five research vessels (Ryofu Maru, Keifu Maru, Kofu Maru, Seifu Maru and Chofu Maru) to two ones (Ryofu Maru and Keifu Maru) in April 2010.

The time series featured here were created by IGMETS, gathered from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) hydrographic databases. The time series here were created using temporal data density plots to identify areas that were candidates for time series creation.